About us

Katsuba Corporation is a major corporation in Ukraine. It has substantial holdings and operates in a wide range of commercial and charitable areas.

Over 15 years of work Katsuba Corporation has gained considerable experience in effective development of companies with different profiles such as: goods production, service providing plants, enterprises, logistics centres, hotels, etc…One more area of operation of Katsuba Corporation is real estate.

Our mission is to improve our country’s economy by restructuring enterprises of different profiles which need development or restructure. By investments and introduction of new methods of management we help businesses to find their own solid niche in the market.

What do we offer?

Katsuba Corporation offers new buildings, investment and improvement strategies to non profitable businesses in order to increase their effectiveness. It not only takes active part in the strategic development but also in the management of these companies. In addition, our corporation specializes in lettings and the management of leases for commercial properties of approximately 73 000 square metres.

We uphold these key values:

 1.High quality of goods and services. While ensuring that we offer a product which meets all the European standards of quality, we maintain an unwavering emphasis on customer satisfaction.

 2.Professionalism. Katsuba Corporation employs more than 500 well-qualified workers, each of whom has a wide experience in their job and strives for professional growth.

 3.Openness and honesty. We ensure total honesty with our partners and clients and we are always open for cooperation.

 4.Responsibility. In all our activities and undertakings we offer high accountability to our workers, partners and society at large.

 5.A patriotic agenda: While currently Katsuba Corporation has more than a dozen profitable enterprises, we are also particularly eager to contribute effectively to the essential improvement of our country’s economy.