Credit365 : The owner of financial startup Aleksandr Katsuba presents Christmas discounts on loans
nov 27
Credit365 : The owner of financial startup Aleksandr Katsuba presents Christmas discounts on loans

Initiation of Ukrainian project Credit365 was the result of assimilation of European experience. The Old World got acquainted with the system of online loans a few years ago. These days Europeans get and repay loans under the law of electronic commerce.

In Ukraine, the adoption of this pact has been expected by the internet entrepreneurs for a several years now . Though it slows down the process of development of commercial resources in the net, businessmen continue to spread progressive projects via the internet world . Thus, combining their assets in November 2013, Latvian and Ukrainian businessmen Ronald Gulami and Aleksandr Katsuba launched their financial startup Credit 365, which very quickly made itself known. The idea of the project reminds the principle of a 3D printer. The only difference - is that money doesn’t materialize, but immediately goes to Ukrainian bank card of the client. You register, push a button, order ‘money’ and the process is set in motion. In 15 minutes you can go shopping with Visa or MasterCard.

It turned out that the Internet users really liked Credit365 as a digital version of banks and pawnshops. The program saves time considerably, doesn’t require any warrantors or garantees, and even offers bonuses.

Recently, an offer ‘Loyalty program -40%’ has been introduced. Aleksandr Katsuba has provided an‘increasing’ discount for regular users. By ordering your fourth loan you can be provided with an initial discount of 15%. Every further loan decreases your credit service rate by 1.5%. Your maximal discount can amount up to 40%.

Thus, Credit365, a system, based on European practice, became the first service ever in Ukrainian microcredit market,’ comments the owner of the project, Aleksandr Katsuba

Holding Board: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba, Vladimir Katsuba.


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