Work in the Constituency
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Work in the Constituency

In late March, the people’s deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Katsuba dedicated all his spare time to his voters and tense work in the constituency. Primarily, the deputy initiated a meeting to which were invited the head of Derhachi District Council, the town mayor, managers of the district’s social institutions, and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

The goal of the meeting was the discussion of the plan of main events that have traditionally been held for many years in the territory of Derhachi district and are placed under personal patronage and support of the people’s deputy. Volodymyr Mykhailovych listened to everyone’s opinion; not a single proposal or remark, issue or request was left without the deputy’s attention. In the end of the meeting, a clear action plan was developed based on traditionally held events and new project ideas.

The people’s deputy pointed out that all those present at the meeting were facing one common cause – joining efforts in order to continue supporting mutual projects and events, for the sake of the wellbeing and the good of Derhachi district residents. It is necessary to develop a general climate that would be sensed by people, who will therefore understand that we are working solely for the sake of the wellbeing of the entire community.

The next stage of the deputy’s work in the constituency were working visits of Poliova and Tokarivka village councils, Prudianka, Mala Danylivka settlement councils, as well as the town of Derhachi.

During the meetings, Volodymyr Mykhailovych gave preference to social institutions and examining their issues, which are similar for the most part, and, therefore, call for a systemic solution. In Prudnianka Settlement Council, the deputy met with the council employees and had a dialogue with the settlement mayor, Svitlana Kucherenko. During their conversation, they discussed a number of important questions, both within the social domain and the questions of the settlement’s planning and organization of public services and sustainment. Further mutual plans of future efforts were also discussed. During the visit, Volodymyr Mykhailovych also visited the school and the kindergarten, where he conversed with their directors, having set out priority issues pertaining to improving studying conditions for children that require solution and the people’s deputy’s attention.

Having visited Poliova Village Council, Volodymyr Katsuba familiarized himself with the progress of the construction and renovation works performed on the premises designated as a kindergarten. “We need to invest into children, to support the future, it is very important and it is a great responsibility”, the deputy noted.

Moreover, he expressed sincere support of the initiative of the village mayor, Inha Tokarenko, having appreciated her aspiration towards the development of territories and the creation of conditions for the residents’ comfortable life. “It serves as a vivid example of the fact that if you have willingness, it is possible to find opportunities”, Volodymyr Mykhailovych Kotsuba pointed out and, on his part, promised all-round support and assistance in this regard.

The next destination in his working trip was Tokarivka Village Council, where the deputy was welcomed by the newly elected chairwoman of the village council, Natalia Omelchenko. In the course of conversation with her, topical and current issues were raised and dedicated work plan concerning the development of the territory was presented. Complicated issues were not left unattended to either. However, despite the fact that ahead lies meticulous and hard work on their solution, the optimistic and eager disposition of the council chairwoman instills hope for a positive result. And Volodymyr Katsuba, a man with an active civic stance, is willing to facilitate and support matters that are useful for residents.

Continuing work in his constituency, the people’s deputy of Ukraine paid a visit to the employees of Mala Danylivka Settlement Council and conversed with the newly elected young council chairman, Oleksandr Hololobov. Having discussed problematic questions that village residents are deeply concerned about, namely the water supply and sewage systems, Volodymyr Katsuba noted that it is a crucial portion of work that calls for diligent and perseverant work. He gave a few useful and meaningful advices to the settlement’s newly elected leader.

In the framework of the working trip, the people’s deputy took a tour of the construction site of a new plant of AT Biofarm LLC in the town of Derhachi, which will be compliant with international standards and is scheduled to be launched this autumn. In the process of the review of facilities and equipment, he stated that the development of a modern enterprise will have a positive impact on the town’s economic development and will allow creating new workplaces.

Upon the completion of his work in the constituency and summarizing the week, Volodymyr Katsuba stated that the deputy’s work in the constituency, communicating with residents of a certain locality is extremely useful and fruitful. It is during such events, opinion exchange, that the deputies of all levels should develop the strategy of their work and facilitate the solution of topical issues that citizens are facing.

Holding Board: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba, Vladimir Katsuba.


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