Hearing Out Everyone …
apr 04
Hearing Out Everyone …

At the end of a tense working week in his constituency, the people’s deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Katsuba held personal reception of citizens on the premises of Derhachi Town Council.

Town residents had an opportunity to communicate with the deputy and asked for help in resolving personal issues. During the reception, a number of issues were considered that were connected with social and family issues, employment, land title and property ownership, and other questions. Some of the visitors addressed the people’s deputy with a request to provide legal advice.

Thus, a retired lady, who was received by Volodymyr Mykhailovych, had to be provided expert legal support with regard to the reissuance of house ownership documents. The issue was resolved instantly, by way of inviting an expert in the given matter. The applicant was provided with an expert consultation and support right at the reception site.

Some issues were more painful. Everyone who came to the reception was heard out by the deputy, who communicated with them all. He helped some people with an advice; some received specific assistance. To all the issues that applicants had presented, exhaustive answers and useful recommendations were provided; as regards problems requiring a more detailed research and the forwarding of deputy enquiries, Volodymyr Katsuba took ownership of those personally.

Holding Board: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba, Vladimir Katsuba.


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