feb 18
"National Issues" by Vladimir Katsuba

People’s deputy of Ukraine Vladimir Mikhailovich Katsuba is a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Economic Policy. On February 10 the Committee considered the issue “On the condition and results of implementing the Program of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 2015”. During the Committee’s meeting, Vladimir Mikhailovich participated actively in the discussion of the economic problems existing in the country.

During the discussion, Vladimir Mikhailovich put a number of “people’s questions” to Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Vladimir Demchishin. As a majoritarian deputy, he asked exactly what ordinary people were interested in, in particular, how corruption was being fought in the Ministry, what were the financial results in the industry, what had been done to increase electricity generation and coal production, as well as how investment was planned to be attracted to the industry.

While protecting the interests of ordinary citizens, Vladimir Katsuba also wanted to obtain information from the current government on the specific steps and measures taken to reduce tariffs for the population.