The Valor and Pain of Chornobyl. Decorating Heroes
may 25
The Valor and Pain of Chornobyl. Decorating Heroes

Recently we commemorated the sad anniversary of Chornobyl tragedy. Year after year, the number of heroes-liquidators of Chornobyl catastrophe is decreasing. And for some reason the feat of these heroes is recalled only on the eve of this poignant date; however, there are exceptions from the rule. For example, the people’s deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Katsuba cares for Chornobyl liquidators and helps their families on regular basis.

And the best proof of the fact is the words of the head of Derhachi organization of the All-Ukrainian Chornobyl Union of Ukraine NGO, Oleksandr Prasko: “Our organization has been active since 2003. We have 564 members, of which 224 are 1st category liquidators and 260 2nd category liquidators, as well as 65 widows. By all means, no one can say that we live in an easy day and age. However, because the world has kind people, we manage to resolve the key issues of Chornobyl liquidators, and these encompass not only material hardships, but also the needs of the heart.

One of such people is a people’s deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Katsuba. He is a good friend, a mentor, a caretaker of our organization; a man who cares about the fate of those who, sacrificing their health, were saving the world from the nuclear disaster. Year after year, he lavishes us with attention and care, warm greetings and wishes. And this year is special not only because it marks the thirtieth anniversary of the sad event, but also because 285 liquidation participants were decorated with an honorable and high award of the people’s deputy – the Liquidation Participant. Chornobyl award. This is an absolutely necessary step that is particularly needed by our heroes, as it is extremely important for them to realize that they are remembered, valued and respected. These decorations will be passed down from generation to generation as a token of self-sacrifice, devotion and strong will, a role model of heroism and valor.”

The wound of Chornobyl will rend the hearts of people in the many years to come. That is why we ought not to relegate to oblivion the names of heroes of this sorrowful page in history. This date should become the Day of memory, love and unity of the Ukrainian people. For it is through nuclear hell, risking their health and lives, that hundreds of thousands of the district’s liquidators went; they are all our heroes. 

Holding Board: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba, Vladimir Katsuba, Natalia Katsuba.


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