The collective farm ‘Svitanok’
dec 03
The collective farm ‘Svitanok’

Not long ago European Union awarded Ukrainian meat and milk with their quality label. Product approbation procedure took almost a year.

In September, 12, following the agreement between Moscow, Kiev and Brussels, in Ukraine began to operate a state test campaign , in order to introduce a free trade zone between Ukraine and EU . Thereby, the country was granted an opportunity to fulfill its potential and expand its meat and dairy industry. The data indicating an increase in capacity of agricultural sector attest to the success of this initiative.

Nowadays meat and dairy products are being produced in almost every region of the country. In 2014 Ukraine successfully increased its sales of the domestic products abroad. For instance, in the Kharkiv region , the collective farm ‘Svitanok produces milk, butter, cream, veal and pork, doubled its activities.

The collective farm ‘Svitanok’: the complex which was launched in 2006 is a line of development of the family holding Katsuba Corporation . Currently, as an integral part of the diversified projects of the Katsubas , there has been key reorganization of the company into livestock farming. In order to realize this aim, a motor car park was enlarged and livestock was increased.

Moreover, in the nearest future, ‘Svitanok’ is planning to start a pig farming project : this intiative will be based on a 6%-a-year credit for purchased equipment - with an initial investment of 30% - with payments due only the following year. Aleksandr Katsuba ( chief executive officer of the corporation) has specified that it will use foreign equipment.