How 30 people provide the whole Ukraine with money.
dec 04
How 30 people provide the whole Ukraine with money.

We would like to tell you how a small company managed to become a major player and holds 40% of the whole online microcredit market . This is a short summary of how a company of 30 people operates in order to provide the whole Ukraine with funds .

«Credit365» was founded only a year ago, by the youngest son of the founder of Katsuba Corporation, Aleksandr Katsuba, and now occupies almost half of a young microcredit market. This enterprise has been the provider of a unique service for Ukraine, for a short period of time, from 2013 to 2014, enlisting the support of thousands of people between the ages of 18 to 75. Popularity of the service is well-grounded - you can obtain a credit just in 15 minutes , without any guarantee, warrantor and most importantly, in the easiest way, by sitting in a café or from home. The only requirement is - Internet access.

‘With «Credit365» you save your time without spending it on a bank visit or pawnshop . As Aleksandr Katsuba explains: “time is the only limit that we have’”.

Furthermore, financial startup Credit365, is not a real competitor for banks and pawnshops, as these don’t give loans of 1000 hryvnas. Our project is unique because the credits that we give to our clients in first time are not very substantial (there is a possibility to increase the amount of the loan up to 7000 hryvnas). However, if a client takes a loan, for example, for the fourth time and has successfully paid off all the previous ones, he will automatically get a 15% discount on the credit service rate. Following our new Christmas offer ‘-40%’, the discount is increased by 1.5% for every further credit. Thus, there is a possibility to increase your own discount up to 40%.

Therefore, a small company of 30 people has become a major player in the Ukrainian microcredit market. Beneficial conditions, qualitative time saving, low rate for the service, with the added possibility to access even lower rates, are the key to success of the IT-team of «Credit365».

Currently the company is moving to a new large office of 500 sq. m., with its new goals : expansion, popularization and it also has the further project of selling to the world major investors.

‘The most important thing is to make people confident about our brand. Even if we'll make less profit , confidence in the brand is the most important thing for future investors,’ remarked Aleksandr Katsuba.