The company was found by Vladimir and Natalia Katsuba in 1992. Up until 2006, the company was managed by Vladimir Katsuba. Once he became involved in political activities, as well as he became parliamentary deputy, the Chair of the Board passed to the eldest son - Sergei Katsuba.

In 2006, the eldest of the brothers started working for state-owned companies. Therefore, the role of the Head of a mature corporation passed to the youngest son , Alexander and his mother Natalia Katsuba. Today, the management of the company is under the responsibility of Natalia Katsuba , wife of Vladimir Katsuba and a business woman in her own right.

The whole family upholds values and traditions of rigorous, sustained and result-oriented work, which in turn ensures substantial success. They are also united in their determination to contribute positively to the development of their country.


Management structure:
On the other hand, the beginning of the daily work on the forming position - is an interesting experiment, it tests the personnel training system if it meets basic needs.