For Katsuba Corporation, proper management and sound corporate culture is the cornerstone of business efficiency. It is therefore built on the model of advanced Western European companies, with the basic principles of transparency, trust, responsibility, respect for customers, partners and employees.

To ensure that all aspects of the company’s work remain streamlined, and also in order to increase the trust and loyalty of its customers, the management of Katsuba Corporation is constantly undertaking new investment in resources, thus ensuring that the material and technical base is regularly updated.

Katsuba Corp’s Management strategy focuses on a long-term success, they maintain a policy of effective management based on the newest techniques. This is in order to optimise the overall business processes and improve the efficiency of all Human Resources within the company. Here is carried centered leadership group divisions of the enterprise.





People - the most valuable asset!

The challenges which the organisation is facing require a thorough analysis of the financial and administrative conditions. Thus the implementation of the planned targets will ensure progressive and sustainable development. While not losing sight of the necessity to implement the corporation’s planned targets, there is a constant awareness of the need to strengthen the existing structure while taking into account any relevant new opportunities for development.

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