A few key Facts

The Mission of Katsuba Corporation - contribute in economic growth, social stability, prosperity and progress - which is clearly reflected in the performance of the holding.

8 facts about Katsuba Corporation:

  1. Katsuba Corporation - a family company. One of the most successful examples of family businesses in Ukraine.
  2. The company history started in the year 1992.
  3. One of the main tasks of Katsuba Corporation - construction and reconstruction of the buildings in order to sell it to investors. The basic rule - build and construct only within the territory of Ukraine.
  4. In the history of the company it was acquired, built and sold to investors more than 10 buildings of differently oriented goods : from the factory for the production of powdered milk to the factory for the furniture sets production.
  5. Its holding includes 14 organisations.
  6. Network "Betonix" confidently holds 27% of concrete production in Kharkiv region.
  7. This year the farm "Victoria" exceeded almost twice of its milk production then last year's figures.
  8. The project, which is the part of corporation, Credit365 - the first in Ukraine service for instant loans online.
  9. The corporation has more than 524 employees.

We strive to produce high quality products that will ensure the respect and loyalty from consumers