With gratitude for victory
may 18
With gratitude for victory

Caring for veterans is a part of life, a vital duty and a matter of honor for the people’s deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Katsuba.

Being deeply convicted that gray-haired heroes ought to always feel real care and specific works in support of them, the deputy makes all efforts to surround them with care, warmth, love and thoughtfulness, because, like no one else, they wait and hope for a kind word. For many years, the veterans of the constituency receive sincere congratulations from Volodymyr Katsuba on significant holidays.

The most important and sacred day for veterans, is, of course, the Victory Day. It is that holiday that commemorates the heroism and valor of all those who defended the dignity, freedom and independence of our Motherland. In accord with yet another long-standing and good tradition commenced by the deputy, this year, former combatants and disable war servicepersons received food gift baskets on the eve of the holiday. The baskets included essential goods, delicacies, everything that will be welcome at a festive table in every household. It is pleasant that veterans are genuinely happy about holiday gifts, but find still more delight in the fact that the deputy remembers the holiday and them – gray-haired today, but brave fighters, men and women of spirit back then, who gained peace for millions of people. But it couldn’t have been otherwise, because for Volodymyr Katsuba it is a truly important cause, a call of the heart and soul.

However, there were more gifts to come. During his working meeting with the head of Derhachi District Veterans Organization of Ukraine, Mykola Berezhnyi, during the conversation, the latter noted that veterans really love reading the Slovo Veterana Newspaper, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford the subscription of the periodical. Therefore, on the occasion of the holiday, as a gift, one-year subscription of the newspaper was granted to 112 members of the veteran organization.

The profundity of the deputy’s reverence for veterans is limitless. Alongside gifts, he forwarded the warmest words of gratitude, well-wishing of strong health, cheerful spirit, many years of life, warmth, harmonious human relations, family comfort, optimism and unswerving faith in the fact that tomorrow will be brighter and happier.

Holding Board: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba, Vladimir Katsuba.


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