dec 10

On the first day of winter, the solemn meeting of the first session of Dergachi District Council was held. The people’s deputy of Ukraine, Vladimir Katsuba, came to congratulate the newly elected deputies.

Speaking in the presence of Dergachi District Council deputies, Vladimir Mikhailovich sincerely thanked them for their active life stance and the decision they had made to participate in local elections.

Being the people’s deputy of Ukraine within two convocations in a row, Vladimir Mikhailovich, like no other, realizes the entire burden of responsibility that is placed on deputies, whom voters entrust with their future.

Vladimir Katsuba congratulated all those present upon a very honorable and responsible mission that consists in serving people.

From the depth of his heart, Vladimir Mikhailovich wished the deputies persistence in fulfilling tasks set before the district and effective work for the good of Dergachi district. He particularly noted the presence at the session of the district administration officials, which testifies to the executive authority’s readiness to yield a hand of help to the deputies who have been trusted by people.

Moreover, Vladimir Mikhailovich shared his life’s principle with the deputies – do good to people!

Judging from the applause that followed his speech, his words and advice will surely be taken heed of!

Holding Board: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba, Vladimir Katsuba.


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