Year of foundation


Factory of sidewalk tile production «Betonix»

The plant was opened in 2004 .
Staff 28 people.
Manufactured :

  • vibrocasting flagstones vibrocasting - 529 652.47 m2
  • flagstones vibropressed - 583 567.83 m2
  • board stone - 554,000 MT .

The factory became active just before the New Year in December 2014. Specification of «Betonix»: semi vibropressing technology, not reinforced with vibrocasting. Following this principle, 28 skilled workers are working on the production of concrete, sidewalk and curbs products.

Today, on pavements which were produced in a «Betonix» factory, people can enjoy walking on Koktebel (embankment), on the court near the shopping centre «Amstore» (Donetsk), meeting guests at Kupyansk train station, in JZ Kharkiv, Poltava and Sumy regions. Tiles «Betonix» line sidewalks around «Gosprom» in Kharkov and in the front doors of car shops such as «Audi», «Xado» etc.

Evgeniy Erin is the Managing Director

Board of Directors: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba.