Year of foundation


«Kharkov factory of electrical installation products №1»

The opening of the plant was in 1947.
Acquired Katsuba Korporation in 2003.
The area of ​​38,644 sq.m.
The occupancy rate of 98%.

The Foundation of Ukraine's first factory for the production of electrical products, which were used in the construction industry of the country, took place in October 1947 after the war.

From 1949, new workshops and pavilions were added to the factory. With its increasing success, the company gradually developed sophisticated equipment and components products by introducing advanced technologies.

In 1994 the plant was reorganised into the «Closed Joint Stock Company» which is Kharkov’s №1 factory for electrical installation products.

As in 2000 was the company decline, in 2003 a main share was bought by the Katsuba Family.

2007 was the year for the conversion of JSC «Kharkov factory of electrical installation products №1» and the grounds were given to rent. The current staff was maintained, and offered opportunity for re-training for a new job, therefore all working places were saved.

In 2010 JSC was restructured into the Public Stock Company: «Kharkov factory of electrical installation products №1».

By 2014, the area of all buildings amounted to 38 664kv.m. It is planned to expand up to 44 000 sq.m

A key indicator of success for the management of this business is that 98 % of the available space has been in use for 6 years. A unique infrastructure and the impeccable image that was established allows the company to be a leader in the real estate business .

Dyynov Edyard is the Managing Director

Board of Directors: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba.