Year of foundation


Cement plant «Betonix»

The beginning of construction was in 2002 .
The plant in 2004 .
It produces 27 % of the concrete of the Kharkiv region .
The only company in the region , produces concrete biological protection of a specific gravity of 4.8 g / cm3.
108 employees.

Over the last 7 years «Betonix» confidently holds the leadership position and single-handedly takes 27% of the production of ready-mixed concrete in the Kharkiv region. Moreover, "Betonix" - the only company in the region, produces concrete biological shield specific gravity of 4.8 g / cm3. Today «Betonix» supplies ready-mix concrete, cement, gravel or other inert materials to customers in Kharkiv and beyond. Concrete, which is made here, can be transported for 6 hours while maintaining the rheological and physico-mechanical properties.

Board of Directors: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba.