Year of foundation


Factory of concrete production «Betonix»

Staff - 21 people
Performance :
summer - 150 m3 per hour
winter - 120 m3 per hour

In 2008, Vladimir Katsuba cut the ribbon at the opening of another factory alliance «Betonix».

The activity of «Betonix» is focused on the production of ready-mix concrete, trade rubble and other inert materials. Specialization - mixed concrete of all variations of gravity from super-easy to superheavy, classes of B-7.5 to B-50.

The Factory has a unique system of process control, which was produced in Italy and Germany, as well as a German dosing system which is carried out by using a high-precision strain gauge sensor and a hopper charging system of inert materials.

Thanks to its advanced equipment, the «Betonix» factory - which is situated in Dergachy - has mastered for first time ever in the Kharkiv region, the production of superheavy concrete.

Oleg Markov is the Managing Director

Board of Directors: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba.