The Call of the Heart: Volodymyr Katsuba
may 16
The Call of the Heart: Volodymyr Katsuba

All Ukrainians are waiting for the holiday of Christ’s Triumphant Resurrection with thrill, for it embodies a powerful charge of goodness and reminds us that every person is born to do good works, as well as strengthens our faith.

From the days of yore, Easter is celebrated in every family. People bring their homes in order, cook delicious meals, bake fragrant Easter cakes and decorate pysankas (Easter eggs).

Important preparations are undertaken in temples as well. In order to create an extraordinary solemn and long-awaited bright atmosphere, senior priests try to adorn every single corner of the Temple of God, to imbue it with beauty and novelty. Such was the case in Derhachi, but, in addition to that, there were other important issues that required attendance and assistance on the part of the people’s deputy Volodymyr Katsuba. A man of his word, he follows through on the matters he commences with the aim of driving the spiritual development of the region.

Thus, the Birth of the Holy Virgin Mary Temple, which is being developed in the village of Dvorichnyi Kut, received construction materials – roofing metal, which was promised by the deputy during his working visit.

Recently, the solemn opening of the newly built Church of Saint Blessed Prince Oleksandr Nevskyi was held in the village of Tokarivka. The temple also received presents – a church chandelier and other necessary traditional lighting means. Therefore, the spiritual nucleus welcomed believers on the Easter day with tidy and nice finishing. By the way, on the occasion of the holiday, Volodymyr Katsuba decided to express his gratitude to clergy for the holy work they do and the extremely important cause they are working for. Thus, the deputy took the opportunity to greet personally every prior of all the territorial communities of the district.

Being a moral person and a believer who honors and respects folk traditions, Volodymyr Katsuba is confident that such a grand holiday cannot go without the traditional Easter bread on the festive table of every single household. As this day signifies love towards one’s neighbor, is filled with the feelings of kindness and mercy, the deputy decided that these everlasting values should be experienced primarily by those who are amidst hardships today – orphans, lonely elderly people, the disabled, and the underprivileged. He sincerely treated every such family to fragrant Easter bread, hoping that it will help bring peace and well-being, happiness and good health to every person. Touched hosts thanked him for the offering and acknowledged that they had been awaiting it, as they have become used to the fact that such presents are offered by the people’s deputy year after year and have become a good tradition. They forwarded their well-wishing to him, wishing him good health, inspiration and fruitful work.

Moreover, this year Easter cakes were offered to residents who visited temples for services in all the settlements of the district. Overall, more than 30,000 Derhachi district residents were granted the opportunity to taste courtesy Easter cakes.

Holding Board: Aleksandr Katsuba, Sergey Katsuba, Vladimir Katsuba.


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